Half-Life 2 Riot Act

Half-Life 2 Riot Act 1.0

Riot Act adds more story and action to the Half-Life 2 Universe
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Riot Act is a single player modification for Half Life 2. The game's storyline sets itself within Half-Life 2's, with an alternate character. You are Jamil Lee, a prisoner in Nova Prospekt (which you visit as Gordon Freeman in HL-2) who is released for an undetermined reason. You have to make your way out of the prison. As the character, you must fight the Combine soldiers trying to regain control of the prison, as well as alien forces. The game's maps are totally new and are not encountered in HL-2; however, they do resemble a lot the Nova Prospekt chapters of the main game. The mod team really took its time and detail for this mod. Even the hand you normally play with has been changed so you get Jamil's hand. The maps are excellent and the storyline unfolds the more you play it. The modification does add up to the spirit of Half-Life and having an alternate storyline is really nice. If you have Half-Life 2, this game won't set you back a penny and it will provide a lot of entertainment.

Ismael Mireles
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